The Roots Project was a long time coming, a collaboration well overdue for this musical family of 4 musicians from Prince Edward Island, Canada. A mother and her 3 children coming together to celebrate overcoming adversity in the best way they know how; through music.


The Roots Project – A Musical Family Affair



We are soooo grateful to all of you who have supported our project from the beginning.

It’s been a challenge, but your encouragement has gotten us through it all and we have now reached our fundraising goal and can move forward with the final steps of the album making process… and do the dance of joy! YAY!!!

Our very talented friend Jean-Pascal Comeau is currently mixing the album, and then off it goes to manufacturing. We look forward to releasing each CD into our lovely Rootsters hands in August. You are all a part of our journey now and we cannot thank-you enough.

Merci beaucoup les amis! Grâce à vous, notre famille vient de realizer un rêve!!

Louise, Angie, Melissa & Jonathan.



Who is The Roots Project?

Four individuals come together and blend not only their talents, but also their different musical influences, as they all have their own stylistic approach. It has been an interesting combination of ingredients gently placed into the mix, which translated into something tasty and new for each of us.


Profession: Singer songwriter, producer & voice teacher
Musical Style: Rock & industrial pop
Instruments: Lead vocals, piano and electronic programming

Angie, the first born, is no stranger to the music scene, nor to the crowd funding approach to music making. She has successfully completed 2 projects recording her 2 first albums “Once Upon A Dream” (gothic-pop-rock) and “Shadow Revelations” (electro-industrial-pop). She is a singer-songwriter, piano player, composer and producer who loves to surprise her audience with concept performances… even playing percussion parts… with water!


Profession: Youth Camp Animator at Le Village Des Sources
Musical Style: Traditional, bluegrass, country and rock
Instruments: Guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals, bass, jews harp,…

Jonathan, the baby of the family, is a jester of modern times. Always clowning around, you wonder how his music could be taken seriously… until you hear him play. He started off playing the violin like his mom, but ended up settling on acoustic guitar along with… whatever instrument is at his disposal. He has accompanied Mother Hen on many occasions, bringing the house down before a crowd of thousands of spectators. He is your favourite house party jammer who will make you laugh, and then make you cry with envy. Yep, we have put the baby on a pedestal yet again.


Profession: Home maker, student
Musical Style: Alternative, pop and rock
Instruments: Vocal harmonies, percussion, keyboards

Melissa, the middle child, made her first appearances on stage accompanying her older sister, either stepdancing her way into the crowds hearts, or singing back up harmonies at the tender age of 8. She may seem shy at first glance, but don’t be mistaken by the initial softness in her sweet voice… because it can get quite loud! When the coast is clear, she plays “People are Strange” by the Doors on her mom’s piano. She thinks no one is listening…


Profession: Professional musician (Barachois, Gadelle)
Musical Style: Traditional Acadian, folk & Irish
Instruments: Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica

Louise, the mother hen, has had a long and impressive career in music, playing the fiddle in traditional/folk settings all over the world. Her part in the group “Barachois” is a highlight to her long list of projects, taking her to all 4 corners of the planet with her vibrant and energetic fiddle playing and feet stomping. If you carefully witness her fiddle playing in action, you may see the smoke rising from her bow.


What is the goal of this project?

The goal of this project was to raise enough funds via crowd funding to produce, record and release The Roots Project album, one that will make you, and maybe even our ancestors, proud, and in a style of music that includes a blend from all members of the group with each of our individual personalities, music backgrounds, and influences of styles.


How did this project see the light of day?

With your big, beautiful, open and generous heart of course…. Oh, and your cash too.
This project’s success was not only based on the dedication and hard work from the 4 members of this musical family, but also on the help of friends, other family members and followers from around the world who believe in the project and who wanted to join in by sending words of encouragement, by helping spread the word and by contributing to the making of the album.

In return, the supporters of the project will receive goodies (see list of Gifts) and be called an official “Rootster” – rooting for The Roots Project. …and we will be eternally grateful.


The funding campaign which ended on May 24th, 2014
raised over $16 000 through crowd funding

In order to produce an album on such a shoestring budget, we substantially reduced the studio time (Ah the crazy 5-day sprint to record 12 songs last November!) and also took out the promotional budget amongst other squeezing here and there.

Making an album is not an easy task. We have spent countless hours writing new songs, deciding on instrumentation, arrangements, tempos, keys, and that’s just the first half of it. After choosing a final song list, we ended up with 12 songs, which we have recorded with the help of engineer Jean-Pascal Comeau, and bass player Rémi Arsenault, in November at Le Centre Goéland in beautiful Prince Edward Island.

As proud Acadians from Prince Edward Island, we have been asked many times if there will be French songs on the album, to which I answer:

Il y aura des chansons en anglais, ET en français, pi aussi quelques tounes de violon bien sure! Un vrai pot-pourri!

We are excited to be in the final stages of the album making process and if all goes well, we will be sending out the albums this August.


Got a question or want to say hello, please contact us.